Monday, September 8, 2014

Moments, Memories and My Mom

It feels sorta a lot like Christmas in our home right now. All the hustle and bustle with  family and friends gathering in. How grateful I am for these Moments in our lives, that will forever become great Memories for our family.
I am not sure how I missed having Cooking as one of my talents ...but I did!
I eat to live and never have lived to eat. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate good food... because I do, but cooking has become less and less appealing to me, especially since Jeff and I are Empty Nesters now.
But my Mother truly had that Cooking Talent and it was a GIFT to many! She was Famous for her Lemon Jello Cake! Everyone hoped that she would make it if they were coming to our house to eat. If someone was really sick and needed a meal, she always made a Lemon Jello Cake to go with it. She also brought it to families who had just lost a loved one. Many jokingly called it Ludy's Funeral Cake, they said it was simply to die for! :)
So Amy made a Lemon Jello Cake for Lauren's wedding shower. Lauren was quite young when she passed away, but it still brought great memories of my Mom ( Grandma Lou ) to all of us. Oh how she would have loved to been here to celebrate the wedding with all of us. She loved her Grandchildren and her Great Grandchildren so much. I wish she could have met my 4 sweet grand-babies, and seen all my kids as they were growing up.
Yes, I miss her every day! How blessed I am to know that we someday will be together again! I am grateful that Families Can Be Forever!

Good night dear friends!

Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. Julia Child

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