Saturday, August 2, 2014

What goes around...comes around!

It was another fun filled day with the family. Erica went with me to work...I taught the 3rd Day of Christmas today, then Amy and the girls came over. Jeff and family went to Seattle and the Zoo, so they had a great time too.
Then tonight we all went and got dinner and took it to the park...what a great visit this has been with my brother and his sweet kids.
Then right before it got dark, we decided we wanted to run by Michaels the craft store and get a few things for the girls while they were here. It was important that we get them as addicted as we could to sewing, crafting, scrapbooking. What fun!

I loved this video that my daughter sent me of someone who truly understood what the quote " What goes around...comes around" meant. Watch it and see, it's only a couple of minutes but you will need tissues...Just sayin!
What goes around...goes around...Here:

I have watched this video a few times, and cry each time. What a wonderful reminder that life is short and that each day we have a chance to change someone's life for the better!
Good Night dear friends!
Gotta do what you can - how about using this platform;

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