Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Everyone has bad days!

I loved this article from Jason F. Wright that I found HERE:
It was his response to one of his readers, who claimed that he seemed to never have a bad day, I loved his response. Just as contagious is gloom and doom are, Love and Happiness are even more contagious... and sooooo much better for you!
I wish there was more good stories on the news, just watching or listening it for very long, makes me sad, and apprehensive. Good news on the other hand...leaves me feeling hopeful, encouraged and down right excited for another day!
I hope we all can remember that...everyone has bad days, and that we will be willing to be there with them, and just keep looking forward ourselves.
I appreciate all of you, who have done that for me, on more than one occasion!
Good Night dear friends!

I need to remember this on those tough days

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