Monday, August 11, 2014

Wedding stuff!

We've been doing Wedding stuff all day Saturday and today. Jeff is building some wonderful stuff for the wedding reception and Lauren and I are trying to get the invitation figured out.So grateful for so many friends who helping out too!
 ( Please email us your address, if you can... we need them.)
 Finally I am starting to get nervous about all that we have to do in just 4 short weeks!
Old door repurposed with iron work (repo) from Hobby Lobby and garden tool used for handle.  2007

But yet, we are getting excited too, I can't believe our family is growing again! Yeah!

Plus, her wedding is all Fall decorations....I am so excited about that!!!

Autumn decoration.... loooooooooove autumn but right now not ready for it.... gotta enjoy the summer first!!!!!Love Quotes for him

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