Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gratitude, exhaustion, gratitude!

I am already missing this little girl, soon she will be heading back to school and won't be able to do very many sleep overs, so we are trying to enjoy every minute.
 I didn't post yesterday because I wasn't feeling very well last night, but since Angie was here for a 2 day sleep over and here is what we did...

She wanted to make some sleeping bags for some cute animals. Two of them she gave to a couple of her friends that she hasn't seen for awhile... and the cute Monkey is going to her cousin ( our little grandson Kai ); so he has a little traveling buddy to come on the airplane with him next week when he comes!
.Gotta spend the day today with Lauren ( who is still sick ) shopping for her wedding decorations. I love Fall decorations, so excited we get to do that for her wedding
Found this cute sign at the store, while shopping with Lauren for. I don't talk a lot about my roots, but there is a certain language that I speak...thought it might help you all!
What a beautiful view tonight on our deck for dinner! Gotta love this place and this time of the year!
I feel so loved and grateful!

Great Gift to Nana. Word can be changed to any other, as well.    I never knew how much love my heart could hold until by nlcorder

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