Monday, August 25, 2014

Esther's Courage

I watched this video about the story of Queen Esther in the Old Testament HERE:

It was just what I needed to see and hear today. I am struggling right now with a trial that I survived already once in my life...yet here I am confronting it again. I can't mention any more than that, but am reminded that sometimes even though you have fought a battle... doesn't mean you won't have to fight it again. I learned that quickly when I had Cancer for the 2nd time.
No, I am not battling Cancer again or anything like that, but life does throw us some trials over more than once. Obviously there is something still there to learn.

Some of the comments that were made in this you tube...hit close to home to me, and I wanted to share them with you....

Here are a few of them, still if you have 3 it, my words don't do it justice!
Just like the story of the courageous Queen Esther who did what had to be done to save her people, the same is true about all of us that are facing I said ...all of us! I loved what these women (on the you tube) that were struggling said about their experiences.

..."Courage and Faith is what pulled me through"
...Being Brave isn't always about not being scared, but going ahead anyway and doing what has to be done"
..."I pray and realize that trials actually have something to teach us"
..."One moment can change the course of our lives"
..."Stand up for what you say you stand up for and do what you need to do"
..."You don't ever realize how strong you are, until being strong is all you have left"
..."Being brave doesn't mean I'm not afraid"
..."There are many things that we don't want to face but we don't have any other choice"
..." We don't always know what the Lord is trying to teach us"
..." But if we have courage and faith, we can trust that He will always do what is right for us"
..."Brave is just acting in faith, we must just push forward"
..."God's plan is not always easier but it is always better"

Esther's courage saved her people, how grateful I am for her example!
Good night dear friends!

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