Monday, August 25, 2014

Pink, Penguin, Popcorn Party?

Last week was Jenny's 5th Birthday. Wow, we sure love this cute red head of ours!
Since Lauren has been home, we have been head down and going non stop on the Wedding stuff, but I didn't want to forget to write about our little Jenny!

Jenny has a ton of faces and moods! She is a bundle of energy and there is no way that you can guess from one minute to the next what you will get with her. .You never have to worry about being bored around her. She is always making us laugh. We sure love this girl!

She is crazy about her little sister, and no matter what she ever she is doing, she is never too busy to go get Audrey's blanket or share some food with her. She is a great Big Sister!

She gets excited about the littlest things and is always always discovering something new!

So for her Birthday party ..she wanted to have a Pink Penguin Popcorn Party, and so her talented Mom really made her dreams come true!

What a party, with a ton of kids dressed as Penguins...playing games and eating popcorn!

Thanks to Lauren( our Photographer), we have cute photos of her on her real Birthday!
Life is crazy and a bit wild with Miss Jenny, but we wouldn't have it any other way! We love you Jenny!

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