Thursday, April 3, 2014

So true!

I laughed when I read this quote...isn't that the truth? When I was sick, I only went to the Doctor, the Drug Store and back home, and yet every time I seemed to see someone I knew and of course I looked as bad as I felt. My Grandmother used to always say to me " You should never look as bad as you feel" So sorry Grandma!
yep.When I went to the doctor's office the other day, they told me that they needed to take my photos to put on my file. I didn't feel very great and sorta looked the same. I told them maybe another day, they then tried to convince me on how good I looked. Instead of being the PLEASER that I used to be, I said No, and that I would do it another day, when I felt and looked better.
The worst is when you feel like you look great ( which isn't all that often for me ) and then someone asks how you are feeling and if you are ok? Which makes me think of another quote that I need to memorize...
Having my own personal experiences with low self esteem before, I know what it feels like to think "I will never be perfect." If you read my poem on, ,  being less than, quote-en-quote, "perfect", can actually be OK-AY. :)

So as much as we laugh about this old fashion sayings, many of them are true.

I am just grateful for the chance to feel better and to even want to put on my makeup and put on something other than my sweats.
Today I just created all day with one of my best friends, how blessed I am for her friendship. It was so fun to create with someone else, like yesterday that is what Amy and I did ( of course in between being Mom and Nana ) and that was a blast.
Creating makes me happy, I am so glad I have that desire back. After being sick for so long, I was beginning to think that I had lost my ability to ever create again.
Well, gotta run. Jeff and I are doing our Date Night tonight, because we are going to have the girls over for a 3 day Sleep Over starting tomorrow!!! Can't wait it has been a long time since we have done one.
Good night dear friends!
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