Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A child's world

I started feeling better on Tuesday, and that was good because I needed to pick up Amy, John and girls from the airport on Tuesday night. My daughter Amy has been really sick and so I came home with them to take care of the girls for the last two days. She got sick on her trip and is pretty weak. .

It was sweet to hear them how much they missed Jeff and I. So today we tried to let their Mom sleep and we declared it a Pajama Day, we played and played and then up packed all their bags and did all their laundry. The girls were a very big help today, we seemed to have fun as long as we did it together. Then after we made dinner, we watched a movie and crocheted. It was a fun day.
I feel blessed to have been in their world for the last couple of days. They make my life so simple and happy. Only wish my little boy in Texas could be here with us too.
Good night dear friends!
Don't ask him to live in your world....visit his world instead.

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