Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Home Again!

What a wonderful trip and a wonderful time to have most of our family together, for our daughter Lauren's college graduation, this past weekend. It was a fun, but full week and I have to admit I am pretty beat. So will have to lay low for a few days to recover ( well, after work today that is ). I have to admit as a Mom, I love seeing my kids together...I love watching how much fun they have being together, they truly are best friends! That is something that I prayed for my whole life.
I got home late last night because my flight was delayed twice. But even though I was pretty tired, I still was able to make 6 new friends! :) Two of them were sisters, who were waiting to catch a flight out to see their older sister and be with her when she had her baby...they were so excited to be there with her. Then their flight got delayed too, and so they headed off to another airlines, hoping that even though their sister was in labor...that they would make it on time.
Then I met a older couple who were flying to Seattle with me, they were coming to stay with their daughter and her family. Their daughter ( the Mom ) had been diagnosed with a rare brain disease and had to have surgery this next week, they were very scared and worried. There have been all different types of out comes with this type of surgery, it is very dangerous. I watched and listened to the Mother and almost could feel how heavy her heart was with worry and concern. I noticed too that she had to take care of her husband, who was not in the best of health. At the baggage claim, I went over and gave her a hug and told them that I would keep them in my prayers.
 Another lady I sat next too was going to stay with her son, daughter in law and two grandchildren. You could feel how much she loved all of them by the way she talked about them. This was the heart of a Grandmother, who can hardly wait to get to her grandchildren. I totally know how that feels. Being able to talk to her and hear about her life, sure made the plane ride so much more enjoyable, she was a great lady. Then the last lady I met was heading to California but told me that she and her family were from back East, and have been really thinking about moving from there to Seattle to raise their family. Their 2 kids were young and she told me. "All we do is work, and come home just have enough time to feed the kids and then put them to bed". She said that she and her husband were taking a good look at why they are doing what they are doing and what the ramifications are going to be in the future..if they don't stop, or at least slow down and enjoy their kids instead of things! What a wise woman she was at such a young age. I think the world pushes us to do and have more, when in reality all that we could ever want... is in the walls of our own home, but many times we are too busy, too pressured or too tired to even see that. I hope she and her husband get to follow their heart, and have the courage to make the changes that they know they need in their family.
So even though it was a long 3 1/2 hours in the airport...I felt blessed to have made 6 new friends. As I listened to their stories, I realized that everyone has their own battles to fight. I was reminded again many wonderful people there are out there in the world. It made me feel grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to be a part of just a few minutes of their lives. What a great day it was, but I am really tired!
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