Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sleep Over Lessons!

Well, I don't have a lot of time to write tonight...just heading the girls to bed. But just wanted to tell two funny things that I heard the girls say today, and what I learned from that.
1. When Jenny and Angie were playing with the stuffed bunnies, chicks and eggs; I heard Jenny say (as if she was the Mother Hen ) "oh no, we have another egg, I didn't think we needed another egg!" Then Angie said " now Jenny that isn't what you are suppose to say, you are suppose to say to the other chickens this... as the Mother Chick "Oh kids we have been blessed to have another brother or sister in our family". I laughed so hard especially when I heard Jenny repeat it in her Mother Chicken voice! :)
But what touched my heart the most, was that Angie realized at her young (but wise age of 7 3/4 yrs old), that every child is a blessing in a family. I think when you look in the world, many people see kids as a taking more of their time, money or future. I spoke to a older Father of a 4 year old the other day, and he explained to me that it isn't as exciting to raise kids now as it used to be. He then went on to tell me that he and his wife had done so many things before they had their travel the world.
Now being a Full Time working Mom and Dad, that it seems like all they do is dinner, bed time routine, dishes and laundry....all to just do it again tomorrow! Yes, I guess that is one way of explaining family life...but I liked Angie's view better. Truth is raising a Family is one of the hardest jobs around...but the most important and the most rewarding. The blessings are ETERNAL!
2. Jeff was gone tonight when we were starting our Dinner/Movie Night. Of course Jeff has 6 remotes for the TV, DVD and whatever else. So it took me over 15 mins to finally figure out how to get the DVD to play...with a picture too! After a while as we were eating and watching the movie, Jenny turned to me and sweetly said " Nana, I am just so proud of you" I said why? "Because you finally figured out how to turn on the movie". 
I bet, even to a 4 1/2 year old that doing something like that isn't very hard at all. I watch her at home and she knows every remote and button. Oh the joys of YOUTH! But at least she tried to make me feel better by complimenting me.
Funny, the one liners they come up with, the excitement they get over the smallest things and most of all I love the big imaginations they have...they play we the simplest of things and really enjoy it! Yes, there are a lot of lessons our Sleep Overs!
Night dear friends!

While we try to teach our children all about life our children teach us what life is all about. $14.99, via Etsy.

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