Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Birth Certificate

I have really missed all of these sweet kids. Oh how I wish we could see them more often. Fun to see them together though. I pray every day that we can help teach them to be better and stronger than we are. To love life and to every day do something that they love.
I heard this quote the other day..." A Birth Certificate can tell you when you were born...but it doesn't tell you why you were born. That is something you have to figure out yourself."  
May we all try to help these incredible kids figure that out!
Good night dear friends!
(Just realized that you can't see Miss Jenny...so below will show you how much life this little girl has).

Photo: Day 108: Such a fun-filled, action-packed, exhausting day at SeaWorld! The girls loved it! This was my favorite part...watching my girls have a blast! Grateful I could capture pure joy and freeze that moment forever! #day108 #365grateful #texasvacation #seaworld #happygirl #purejoy


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