Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Missed opportunity

Last weekend I had to do a last minute run to Michaels on Saturday night (Michaels is a local craft shop, I am sure all of of you have found yourself there too before). I was tired and unlike normal... I didn't want to stay long and look around....just wanted to get my plastic eggs for church on Sunday. I tried to get the shortest line there was, if that is ever really possible there. As I stood there I realized there was a man who that had a few bags of plastic eggs himself, as we waited he asked me what I was going to do with the eggs... I mentioned that I was teaching Sunday School the next day. He said that he was too, he then mentioned that he was a youth minister in the area and he then asked me where I went to church. Now normally I love to talk and meet new people but that night I just wanted to get my stuff and head home. I didn't feel good so, I just told him that I went to church up on Finn Hill area. Then I just hurried and paid my bill, and headed to the car. As soon as I got in the car, I knew that I made a mistake, I should have told him what church I went to. So many times in my life, when I have told people that I was a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, they say "Oh so you are a Mormon, then why did you say you are a Christian because your'e not a Christian". Now I realize not every one thinks that way, but for some reason that night I didn't feel like debating my beliefs with this minister, if he did question me or not know that much about my religion .
The next day was Sunday Easter Sunday to be exact, and I felt a bit sad that I missed the opportunity to share with this man where I went to church and that I too was excited about Easter and my gratitude for what He ( the Savior ) did for me. 
I realized that even though I was tired and didn't feel well ... that I should have followed the Savior's example and been a friend to everyone. Never miss the chance to share what I believe or just to be kind. 
It was a missed opportunity and I am sorry about that. And I promise to try hard not to do that again. 
Life truly is about learning lessons!

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