Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Miss Audrey!

Just a year ago yesterday, I was at the hospital with Amy as she delivered her 3rd little red headed girl... Miss Audrey. She was a big girl and definitely captured our hearts when she first looked into our eyes. She had beautiful eyes and her big sisters couldn't have been more excited for her to join their family!

Today we went to Miss Audrey's first birthday party! What fun it has been to see her grow up this past year. She started out pretty quite, but as she is getting bigger and realizing that if she is going to be heard above her sisters...that she had to get louder. And oh does she know how to get loud, if she needs something. She is so sweet, I love when she throws her arms up when you come in you will pick up soon. I love how she snuggles you when you hold her. She has made a place in our heart, and we definitely are more blessed because she came into our family!

She is just getting into baby dolls. She has 3 of them and she likes it when she has all of them at the same time. She can say B A B Y and she pats them and kisses them. I have high hopes for her. Jenny started off liking dolls too, but then her older sister convinced her that dinosaurs are cooler than dolls. So maybe, just maybe... Nana will get to make doll clothes for Miss Audrey's dolls!

Happy Birthday dear Audrey...we can't wait to watch you grow ...another year! We love you!

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