Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kindness of a stranger

Well, I kept thinking what I accomplished today to tell you about...nothing much. My coughing kept me up most of the night, and so I really didn't feel like doing much. After talking to the doctor's office this morning,  I did take a shower... just in case they needed me to come in.  I guess that was an accomplishment, still not very exciting or motivational. But, I do have an article that I found that was. So I hope you enjoy it, and remember even though the news doesn't publish it very often...that there are many wonderful people out there in the world, doing wonderful things! Now that's motivational! Good night dear friends!

ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) - Three waitresses at an Illinois restaurant say they could only stare in disbelief when a woman over the weekend handed them each a $5,000 check.
The owner of the Boone County Family Restaurant in Caledonia, Matt Nebiu, said business was slow Saturday when the customer handed checks to 25-year-old Amy Sabani, 23-year-old Sarah Seckinger and 28-year-old Amber Kariolich.
Sabansi told the Rockford Register Star that she first thought her check was for $500. But on closer inspection she saw its actual value and refused to take it.
Sabani said the woman told the waitresses to use the money for school and "everything else in life."
Seckinger says a last semester to earn her associate degree in criminal justice was too expensive, but she will now return to school.
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