Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Better days ahead I hope!

This has been a long test of my ability to stay positive. I usually don't have a problem with that, but this has been a real struggle. I started the steroids over the weekend and I started feeling a bit better. But when I called the doctor and told them today that it has been a few nights since I have really slept, I found out that sometimes, that is a side effect of the drug. Here it is 1:22 am and I am still wired, heart racing a bit and yet I am tired. This is why I have troubles with meds. I know I probably need them, but at what cost?
When I saw this quote... I thought I really try to do all of those things except the 3rd and the last one I am struggling with. For whatever reason I am still struggling to get a good deep breath and because of that, I really am having a hard time being interested in doing anything, just don't have the energy for it.
I did get Valentine's out to my family today, I love the holidays and love to make and send packages to my family and friends, yet...it was a lot of work just getting the Valentine's out. Luckily Jeff already got me the stamps, all I had to do was make the long walk to the mailbox ( right across the street ).
It snowed yesterday and I was glad, because I still have all my Winter D├ęcor up. That is a sure sign that I am sick...because I always decorated my house for the seasons. But this year, I am not so sure that we will get the Valentine's Decorations up in time. I guess that is ok, and happens some times..right?
Well dear friends, thanks for always being there. I think about you often. Good night!
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