Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good friends!

I thought this card was too funny and so true! I haven't had many visitors in the past 8 weeks, and I am not actually suppose to... until we figure out what is wrong with me. But the ones that have come, I realized are good friends, because I really didn't clean up for them. I didn't even put on my face and I haven't even taken down my Christmas/ Winter decorations either! Now that must mean I am really sick! :)

so true!
Headed to the DR today, she was discouraged that this 3rd antibiotic isn't doing it's job and neither is the nebulizer. She checked my throat and said she was worried about strep so she took a culture. Then she did a culture on my nose and sinuses to check for the flu virus. She showed me the chest x rays and I still have bronchitis and she said they can see that the bronchial tubes are narrowed because of something... bacteria related? She wasn't sure, but that is why I feel so bad, straining to get air and winded easily. So she is sending me to a pulmonary specialist tomorrow and we will go from there!
Thanks for your prayers and thoughts, that means a lot. I need to just stay hopeful and trust that my Heavenly Father will help us find more answers soon.
P.S.  Oh I forgot to tell you that tonight when Jeff got dinner we got a fortune cookie with it, guess what mine said? " Now is a good time to finish up old tasks" then I asked to see the other one maybe it would be better and more positive. Here is what it said " Now is a good time to start a new hobby or collections"
Gee, I guess that means I will never get out of here! :) Actually I wouldn't mind to have the energy to either one of those! :)
Choose to find hope in God during your darkest trials. Choose to praise God in the middle of your storm. Choose to find a reason to smile and be grateful even when you are in the midst of heartbreak or loss. And never forget that even when your life is out control, it is always in full control in the hands of God.

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