Sunday, February 2, 2014

Importance of Fathers!

This was a wonderful article I read today...I bawled like a baby just reading it. Probably because first of all, I am feeling pretty bad after being out and about for the last couple of days. Feel like I have gone backwards, and that worries me! The 2nd reason I probably cried because I am just so grateful for Jeff and the type of Father he has been to our kids. Now to see him as an incredible Grandfather ( Poppa ) is even better. He never had the example from his own Dad, which makes his success even more amazing!
But this was a great article, hope you take the time out to read it.
Good night dear friends.

Jailhouse Rock: Community fosters relationships between daughters and their incarcerated fathers 

Girls get to dance with their fathers and have dinner with them during a special day at the Richmond City Jail.
It’s a Saturday morning in March, and Alexis Atkins isn't on the soccer field or watching cartoons or doing any of the other things 9-year-old girls typically do on weekends. Instead, she's sitting in a sterile and windowless visiting room at the Richmond City Jail in Richmond, Va., waiting to see her dad.
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