Saturday, February 2, 2013

This is so true!

Perspective is a wonderful thing and thank goodness it is. That is why this statement is so true, perspective and time all mixed together helps situations that seemed so upsetting, something that we can laugh about later. My biggest experience of these things are things that happened to me as a Mom and and a wife. At the time the situation seemed so bad and unbelievable. Now they are the best stories that we tell around the dinner table. Yes, time helps and perspective too. I am grateful for both, that way I have a lot of stories to share with  you on my blog.
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I have one for instance, we were late picking the older kids up for school and Lauren had been a pill all day. When we finally got to the school, I hurried and unbuckled the baby and then went to Lauren's side to help her out. She was one of those kids that if you had to tell her what  you didn't want her to do so that she would actually do what you wanted her to do. You know the kind you always had to use REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY on, but not every day or they would figure that out too.
Well, as I took her hand to help her out of the car, she resisted ( as usual) so I pulled her hand a bit harder. After about 3 times of this pulling and tugging game, she pointed to her seat belt ( it was still buckled ) . Man, did I ever feel bad, and she wasn't too happy either. I felt bad the whole day that I got so frustrated at her, and this time she actually was innocent.
Years later, as I think or tell that story we laugh, we laughed at what a tough toddler she was ( we called her our PMS toddler, if that gives you a clue), we laughed at how crazy things got when all 4 of them were in the car. Yes, now I am laughing, but that day and many others... I wasn't. So this along with a million other experiences tells me that this quote is very true.
So the next time you have a situation that makes you made...remember this quote!
This is a photo of Lauren ( all grown up and very nice now, and her is our youngest granddaughter Jenny...who is just like her Aunt Lauren! )
Night dear friends!

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