Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sundays are tough.

I used to always want Sundays to come, so that life will slow down and our family can be together. With four kids, life was always so busy. I could hardly wait till Sunday came, and there were no schedules or places we had to be ...except together. I was grateful that we went to church together, even though many Sunday mornings I thought I was going to lose it...trying to find everyone's shoes or hair bow. I laugh when I think of how crazy it was trying to get all those little guys ready for church each Sunday, and them try to teach them to be quiet and reverent in church. But thankful that we did, because having them close to the Lord has been a great foundation for them in their lives; and has directly effected the choices that they have made. It was important for Jeff and I to help them know that they had a Heavenly Father who loved them and who would always be there for them. So even though Sundays were a bit hard at the time, still Sundays are some of my favorite memories with them at church and at home all together.
 So I shouldn't be surprised that now that we are Empty Nester's that Sundays are the toughest for me. I miss the kids, wish we all lived closer together so that at least we could be together again on Sundays for dinner. But since reality reminds me that isn't going to happen, then I realize that like many other things in life...this is just a phase. But I have to say that even at our age, going through a new phase in life can be really tough on the heart.
Even as I mention this, I am reminded of dear friends of mine who are going through much harder phases of their life, much harder than mine. I am grateful though that we have each other to support and help each other through each of these important changes in our lives. Yes, friendships truly do help and for that I am very grateful.
Now that I have made it through another Sunday, I need to head to bed.
Good night dear friends!

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