Monday, February 18, 2013

Adopted Family!

You know I think it is important to be an Adoptive Family to others... who have none. I know throughout the years, it has been a life saver for us and our kids. That is what I got to do today. One of my dearest friends, has 4 smalll children, and I am known as their ( adopted Aunt Lynn ). For the oldest birthday, I gave her a coupon to come to my house for a Movie, and for some one on one time. She seemed to have a great time and talked all the way to our house and back. It made me smile to see how much it meant to her, to do something special and by herself with Aunt Lynn. It wasn't a lot of my time but... I know that it meant a lot to me to have the chance to tell this sweet young girl, how special and important she was to me. We laughed and had fun. We got a recipe that we wanted to try and copied down that for her. I tried to teach her to crochet, but it still was a bit too hard for her. I tried to teach her then to crochet with just her fingers, she caught on fast. Before I knew it, she had a chain long enough to decorate with beads...for a beautiful necklace. Then we made some hair bows for her and her sisters. Yes, it was a small part for me to play, but I hope that it pays off great dividends to her in the future and remembering she is loved!
How I wish I could do that with all the kids that I am Aunt Lynn too! And also to my family that I am really Aunt Lynn or Nana too! Distance makes that hard some times. I truly love having so many people in our family ( adopted or not )! I am blessed!
So if you have some extra time, try to see if there is anyone who you need to adopt or needs to adopt you!
Good night dear friends!

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