Thursday, February 14, 2013

I think I have another favorite new saying!

What a wonderful day today full,very busy and as you can see it is almost midnight... and I am just sitting down at the computer for the first time today. So wish me luck that I can keep my thoughts organized!
  I read a saying the other day that just made me smile. I think I need to have it printed on a plaque and hang it over the table at work, where I teach my Demo classes at. I love my classes, today was the last one for the series that we did for Valentine ideas. I could have used the sign today and every day.
Many times when I first do a project, it comes out FAR from perfect. You can tell by the number of mistakes I make... that it is either too late or I have been sewing too long. But many times I bring in the mistakes just to show them ...what not to do! What a concept. So that leads right into my new favorite saying that goes like this...
"Honor your mistakes, they pave a path to greatness!" Oh I hope that saying is really true, because I am laying down quite a foundation!

Well, I had better lay down this tired but happy body of mine!
Good night dear friends.

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