Saturday, February 16, 2013

Change and Chaos!

I have to admit that this quote ( below ) is very least in my life. If you have ever been in my home, you realize that I don't really change things  up in my home very much ( only the seasonal decorations ). Like furniture or things such as that. I know a lot of people do but once I like something, I definitely am satisfied with it staying right where it is....for some times even years. That means I am either very satisfied with what I have or...I am really lazy, I hope it's the first reason!
Today was a big change though and with that ( like the quote said ) came a lot of chaos and mess. After all these years of having our piano, we finally got arrangements made ( and with the help of many dear friends, with muscles ) we moved it to Amy and John's house. What a beast that was to get out of here, and into their house. Of course our house has a ton of stairs and so does theirs...but some how we got it there in one piece and even dry. It began to rain when Jeff and I were driving it there, and I prayed that it wouldn't get wet. That could truly damage it. The tarps held down, the rain was only a sprinkle or so, how grateful we were. As soon as we got it there, Amy sat down and played it...actually it sounded pretty good. It made my heart feel good, to hear that beautiful music come out of that piano. It has been silent too long. Now Amy can have music in their home, and hopefully the girls can take lessons some day.
In preparation for getting the piano out, we had to empty shelves, move everything off the porch and from the entry way. Move all the furniture in the living room, and so the chaos began. But later this evening, we were able to rearrange the living room and put up some things that I had been collecting and try and make it look like this is what our house was always suppose to look like this. I was able to put up an old window that I got this past years at an antique shop ( it came from a dairy farm in Anicortas ) and then some shutters and a new wreath. I will take a photos and proof to you ...I can change, every now and then. I love it, don't love the boxes of stuff still in the middle of the floor...but that chaos will have to be tackled ....another day!
We all probably did too much today, but it felt good to get that piano to a person who loves it and will play it often. It was a LONG, EXHAUSTING but GOOD DAY!
Good night dear friends!
quote about change

"Find something you're passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it" - Julia Child | Some words of #inspiration from a very talented woman. #quote  "MUSIC is what FEELINGS sound like"


Jean(ie) said...

Oh, I bet that was a chore! Hope you didn't get caught in the sleet storm we had yesterday! The girls will love having the piano. I so enjoyed ours as a child.

Lynn said...

Actually we hit the sleet storm coming back from their house. So grateful that is was on the way HOME with the truck empty.