Friday, August 3, 2012

One Carrot or Apple at a time!

   I read this article in the magazine we get from Costco in the mail. The article was called ONE CARROT AT A TIME by Georgia Orcutt. It interested me because, it was about childhood obesity and one Mother's mission on how to help kids learn how to cook and eat nutritious food. They have a nonprofit magazine out called Chop Chop. The theory that she uses... is that if kids learn how to cook their own food and really understand how to take care of their own bodies, they will make better choices and be healthier. The founder and president is Sally Sampson, and she really feels like it is important to stock the the cupboards with healthy foods, so that they won't have so much junk tempting them all the time.
   I do believe that it makes a huge difference on what we have in our pantries and cupboards. When our kids were little we would ask them as they got older to cook one meal a week, that week they would help me make a store list and go shopping with me. It really did make them more appreciative of the meals I cooked, and we constantly went over why we need to eat more nutritious meals.
    Did they all appreciate it and follow it as they got older? Not necessarily when they were  in college on their own, but it did seem like something that they are gravitating back to, now that they are parents. So it was a great article and you can read more about Sally and her magazine HERE:. The recipes look yummy. I love to see when people strive hard to make a difference in the world. And even though they are just one person, they really are making a big difference, Sally is proof of that!
Well, tonight is Date night and I have a hot date, so I will get this off early. Have a good night dear friends!

“The greatest wealth is Health.”  ~Unknown
“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”  ~Author Unknown
“True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington”  ~Anonymous

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RandomXT said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I'm excited. She will love doing this with her Aunt Lynn!