Friday, August 24, 2012

I have two little hands!

 I love this photo, that Lauren did of a friend of ours that was expecting last year. We had a baby shower for her and we had so much fun. I was looking up the origin of baby showers and here is what I found...
 The origin of baby showers can’t be pointed out exactly, but many people believed this practice dates back to the ancient times. During the Victorian Era, the baby shower was simply a tea party, held in the afternoon. The guests were the closest female friends of the mother-to-be, and they gather together to talk, to wish the new mommy good luck and give small gifts for the child. It was a simple and quaint event
Today, baby showers are considered one of the most important celebrations for parents. Of course, how this party is planned and celebrate has changed over time. Although many old baby shower traditions are still widely seen, new ones have also emerged.

 Tonight we did another baby shower for a friend (haven't had time yet to download the photos). She is having another little boy and so she really didn't need anything, but everyone still wanted to come celebrate with her. Amy and I love to do themes for our parties. We kept trying to think of a fun and new theme for her. Finally, I realized that when she goes to church with  her little boy, she doesn't have a lot of quiet things for him to do and play with. You know a whole bag of tricks that will entertain him and keep him happy and more quiet (everyone should have one of these). Actually he is really good in church, but still they get restless and tired.
So the theme we had was I HAVE TWO LITTLE HANDS, it was actually part of a little song that they teach the kids in Primary. It went well, we just decorated with her favorite colors, red and blue. I sewed a diaper bag/ tote for her put all  the quiet toys in, and then we had finger foods for the refreshments. It was  really nice and she told me more than once, how loved she felt. We were glad, that is exactly why you do showers, to help them feel love and accepted.  I will end with the words of that cute song..

1. I have two little hands, folded snugly and tight.
They are tiny and weak, yet they know what is right.
During all the long hours till daylight is through,
There is plenty indeed for my two hands to do.
2. Kind Father, I thank thee for two little hands
And ask thee to bless them till each understands
That children can only be happy all day
When two little hands have learned how to obey.
Improvise actions as suggested by the words.

Words: Bertha A. Kleinman, 1877–1971
Music: William Frederick Hanson, 1887–1969

Now I am going to take my TWO LITTLE HANDS and head to bed. Good night dear friends!

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