Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are we prepared?

   Today my car broke down, right when I was at the Post Office mailing some letters and of course buying MORE stamps. When I came back to the car it was dead. Lucky for me the kids were home and had the other car so they picked me up. Tonight after Jeff got home and we had dinner, we went back to the car to see if we could jump it... no luck. We finally ended up calling our Roadside Assistance that we have through our insurance policy ( glad we decided to get that ). At one point the guy asked us if we had a hammer ( no of course we didn't ), he finally found one in his truck and they tapped the starter some to see if that would help.. but didn't. Then when he was under the car, he asked Jeff and I if we had a flashlight ( this time the answer was YES but, the batteries were dead ). At this point I thought to myself, aren't you the Roadside Assistance person, shouldn't you have a flashlight? I probably thought that just so I wouldn't have to have the guilty feelings of being UNPREPARED! In the end, he couldn't do anything about it and neither could we. WE decided not to have it towed and Jeff will try and work some more on it tomorrow. Lucky for us, he is the Ultimate Handy Man...he usually can fix anything!
   For Christmas last year, I gave my kids some Emergency Preparedness items. They laughed at some of them but still I felt good that I was helping them get more prepared. That must be a Motherhood thing, to want to make sure your kids have as many things as they could possibly need during an EMERGENCY! Oh well, some day they will appreciate me...I just hope I am still alive when they get around to telling me that! :)
It is a good reminder though to me, that even when you have gotten things prepared  in life that you still need to periodically check and see if what you have... is still in working order or is useful. That would have been helpful tonight, if we would have checked that flashlight before it got dark! I am sure there is even a deeper lesson here for me to learn... but I am too tired to figure it out.
   Will try and go through my cars tomorrow and see what I need to add batteries to, or put in the car. For now we are at least home safe and sound and have one more working car... plus Jeff and I had a whole hour by ourselves to talk...yes, life is still good, maybe a little inconvenient but good!
   Night dear friends!
P. S. this isn't a photo of my car, it was just a neat one that Lauren took for her photo class. If this was my car, I beat I would have even more problems than  it not starting!  :)

"A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our world; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before we changed."  ~Earl Nightingale

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