Friday, August 31, 2012

Creative Woman

"Being Creative is not a single act, but the act of living itself. The creative Woman is on fire with imagination, ignited by the certainty of her relationship with a living God and her surety of purpose. She lives in freedom, not measuring herself by the lives around her. She takes calculated risks, understanding the value of going beyond the horizon of the known and coming back to report what she has discovered. She tackles life’s challenges, with heart, hands and faith."  ~Author Unknown
 I love this quote.. when I feel really creative, it does make me feel happy. I do think it is important to see the talents that we have, are God given. I really do believe they are. I am grateful for the talents I have, as well as my children's talents. I am still trying to learn though how not to measure myself up against others, that is a hard one for me. But the longer that I work at the Quilt Shop; the more I appreciate all of our differences and talents. That is what makes the store unique and great, because we are all good at totally different things and that reaches out to more people; because we all have different talents and tastes. 
I do feel blessed that for 30 years I got to be a stay home Mom. And during those 30 years, my talents are something that kept me grounded and some times... sane. It was the one thing that didn't get undone by the morning. No matter how hard I tried, the dishes, the house, the laundry and so on, ALWAYS got undone, messy or dirty again before the next day; and that is when I would start all over again! So yes, developing different and creative talents really made a difference in my life then...and still does.
Today was a work day ( at home ), I really love to create new ideas and sew new makes me happy and it makes me feel fulfilled and grateful! It also makes me happy when I see my own kids developing and using their talents better the world. I am truly blessed!
 I believe the parable in Matthew 25 about the servants being given talents, is important for us to remember. We need to remember "where much is given, much is expected". I think that we are to develop and us our talents to bless the lives of others.

 “God has endowed us with talents and time, with  talents, abilities and with opportunities to use and develop them in his service."  ~ Spencer W. Kimball 

 “Neglect not the gift that is in thee” (1 Timothy 4:14).

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