Friday, August 10, 2012

Family what a blessing!

I am so sorry that I didn't mention that I was going on vacation. I actually thought that I would be able to still do my blog but we have been so busy, and haven't gotten in at night till late and I was beat. So here I am 2 days from doing a post and can't believe how much I miss doing it. It is a great experience for me to always be looking for something positive, uplifting or motivating to share with you. Thank you for that!
We are here in Utah with family for my niece's wedding. I am close to these kids and love that we have the chance to share their big moments in their lives with them. We have been going non stop and so I thought I would have a minute to write but realized the time and we are off to a concert tonight. Wedding tomorrow.
This quote has always meant a lot to me. It is something that I have dreamed off all of my life to have a family and Home like I do. And it is true...I am blessed!
Good night dear friends!

Family Wall Quotes

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