Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Bucket List

     Well as you know my mom is on her road trip back east and if you haven’t guessed yet this is her daughter, Lauren writing to you tonight. She called me to tell me she is currently out in the boonies in West Virginia, with of course absolutely no wireless connect to write to you. So the sacred blog of truth has been passed to me to write to you. My mom promises to update you on day four when she gets a chance.

    She is staying up somewhere in West Virginia with a dear family friend, and taking this crazy adventure with one of her best friends; her sister in law. I’m grateful she is able to have this amazing endeavor with someone she loves and I know she has a blast with. They also drive each other crazy but that’s the fun part. I’m also so happy she has an opportunity to do anything and everything she wants just on a whim. She’s going to have the time of her life, like a 3 year old in a ball pit. My mother definitely deserves it. Hemingway once said, “When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead”. I personally agree with that because there is not much to live for if not for fun. 

   My mom and I joke about things we would put on our bucket list, but I decided a couple months ago I would actually start writing these things down. Some things on my bucket list are sweet, crazy, dangerous, probably stupid ideas but they sure as heck are dang fun. On the list I do of course have, ‘Roadtrip with a best friend’. But just for ya’ll (I thought it only fitting to add in West Virginia lingo), here are a few things I have on my bucket list, which you are more then welcome to steal for your own.

-Stand on a street corner with a t-shirt that reads ‘life’ and pass out lemons.

-Fill an empty mayonnaise jar with vanilla pudding, eat it in public to see the ridiculous expressions of passerby’s

-Sit on the side of the freeway in my car with sunglasses and a black hair dryer and see how many cars slow down. (probably illegal)

-Jump into a cab and yell, “Follow that car!”

-In an elevator, wait till it fills up with strangers, then calmly say, “I'm sure your wondering why I have called you all here today”.

-Cliff dancing (no idea what the heck that I but sounds fun)

-Marry my best friend

-Become a mother half as incredible as my own.

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