Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baby Steps

What a wonderful week this has been. As I mentioned our son, daughter-in-law and new little grandson came to visit for four SHORT days! It was hard to see how much Kai had grown in over a month, since I last saw him. He now can smile at you, imitate some of the sounds you make, he recognizes Mom and Dad right away, but he was doing that last month too. He has gotten so much taller, he is alert and grabbing at his toys, it is amazing to witness those little Baby Steps that he is making. Hard to know that we won't be able to be there for many of them but... we are so grateful he is apart of our family and the love that we feel for hard to put into words.

I of course cried when they left this morning, I miss my son Brad. It is amazing to watch him become a Father and Husband. He really is doing a great job already! Always a treat to be with Krystal, I am so grateful that she is a permanent part of our family, we love her dearly. And to watch what a great Mom she has become is comforting to me as a Grandmother ( Nana )! I am sorry they live so far away but realize we need to make sure that we continue to make time to keep getting together, that is what family is all about.
It was hard not having Lauren with us. We had all the kids but her together, we missed her so much. She is in the middle of her semester at college and so that is why she couldn't be here with us. We got to Skype with her and that was fun, sorta helped us to still have her with us and be a part of our family gathering.
Well, I took some Baby Step myself today. I went to the High School Swimming Pool today and got back into the water to do laps. It has been about 10 years since I have swam in that pool. When I used to be there I had worked my ability up to a mile a day. Well, I had to remember to take Baby Steps. I did 8 laps ( one lap is up and back ) today and that was really hard. There were a few moments when I thought I was going to drown but...then I got my composure and kept going. Funny that after finally learning to swim when I was 40 and working myself up to swimming a mile, I don't think there was ever a day that at one point I didn't get scared, panic or think that I might drown. It is hard when a fear is ingrained in you that much. Still I knew that at least I could remember how to swim, because I did it last week at the motel pools ( where the laps are 1/4 of what I did today. I was wondering about my prosthetic and how it would hold up today when I was swimming for longer periods of time, but it did pretty well. It moved some but probably no one noticed it but me. I knew that I was out of shape and I got a bit discouraged at first and then I thought... least I did it. Now the true test is can I get up early at least 3-4 times a week and do it again? I will!
Well, Jeff and I didn't do our Date Night last night so I am going to go spend the rest of the evening with him. 34 years ago on June 9th, he asked me out on my first date! Oh how glad I am that he did! I am crazy about that guy!
Good night dear friends!

If your baby is " beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time"'re the grandma.   ~ Teresa Bloomindale

"When you were small
And just a touch away,

I covered you with blankets
Against the cool night air.
But now that you are tall
And out of reach, 
I fold my hands
And cover you with prayer. ~ Dona Maddux Cooper

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