Friday, May 25, 2012

Tough day!

 Today was the funeral for my girlfriend's little baby.  I knew the funeral would be hard and yet very sweet and tender, and it was. I am still tear up when I think of it, so I won't talk a lot about it. Let's just say this little baby boy had some incredible parents with great faith, and that is what will see them through the days and years ahead.
Here is his sweet eulogy...

Isaac Bryant Anderson Casteel

Though he never was able to feel the sun on his skin or the kiss of his parent's lips upon his cheek, though he never heard the sound of his own voice or saw a bird alight on a tree branch beyond his window, Isaac Bryant Anderson Casteel has marked this world with his presence, he has claimed his place as part of an eternal family, and he has changed the lives of those who love him.

Isaac passed from his mother's womb to his Heavenly Parent's arms on Sunday, May 20th, 2012, after 35 weeks of growing with his earthly family. While he was never to look on his parents during this life, they were able to hold him in their arms and look upon his face after a labor of love on Tuesday, May 22nd.

Isaac's presence here on Earth, his existence, will never be forgotten. 

On the table right beside the casket was a photo of my friend, her husband and their sweet little Isaac, it was beautiful and touching. We found out that an organization called "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" is the charity that provides these professional remembrance photography for the families. What an amazing gift!
You can check out their website here:

 "How very softly you tiptoed into my world  Almost silently; Only a moment you stayed  But what an imprint your footprints have left on my heart"

" A life may last just for a moment, but memory can make that moment last forever."

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