Friday, May 25, 2012


For Mother's Day I received a book from Jeff. It is about Hope! I just started reading it recently and I love it! I wanted to share part of a story that I just read in it.
 The author tells about when he was on a trip in Guatemala. He mentioned that at the top of the mountain everyone was stopping to take photos of the spectacular scenery. As they were there, they saw a father and young boy approaching. The father carried a huge load of firewood, using a leather headband instead of ropes. Called a mecapal in Spanish, this headband had two woven cords extending back past his ears that were fastened to ropes that held the sack in place. He was bent forward so that the weight of the wood  was distributed across his shoulders and back.
He goes on to say that since it was such a great example of the native culture there that they offered to pay him if he would allow them to take their photograph. The father was pleased and posed with his son. Because the light was not quite on his face, someone asked him in Spanish, for the Father to lift his head a little higher. As soon as the man complied, he gave a low cry and stumbled backward, nearly falling before he caught himself. Down came his head, and the load was stabilized. Then someone said " He can't lift his head, he has to keep his head down to keep the load balanced."
The author goes on to compare that to our lives and when burdens are weighing us down. How hard it is to lift up our heads, one because the burdens are so heavy or because we feel abandoned by God, that we have such great burdens and trials anyway. But he reminds us that we need to do exactly that... Lift up our head! For God has promised us that He will help make our burdens light or remove them. Through this we can be strengthened and have hope. ( Matthew 11:28-30 )
So HOPE is the antidote for despair. It may not solve the problem but it can buoy us up and give us the strength and courage we need to go on. We need to remember to lift our heads up, look to God and find great help and endurance.  ( Look up my Soul  by Gerald N. Lund )
I love that, and personally know that it is true. There have many times that I have had to go to God and ask for Him to help me carry my burdens. When I have truly trusted in Him and did all that I could do....somehow I was able to handle and endure what I had to. I can't deny His help, and how grateful I am to know that it will always be there, if I will only lift up my head! 
Good night dear friends!

"Where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith." ~ Robert Brault

"Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them."  ~Vincent McNabb

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