Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting to know my son Bradley!

 Our oldest son Bradley was only two years old when we moved to Seattle from West Virginia. At that time he just loved to play ball, play outside and collect bugs. As he grew older, I had a craft business that I did in the evenings and on the weekends. Many nights before the kids went to bed, they would help me paint or finish my items for the next craft fair. Many times my inventory was large and there was a lot of work to do. I hoped that the kids somehow would benefit from doing all that painting and creating with me. They all had to help a lot, by the time Lauren and Lee got a bit bigger....I was slowing down on some of the shows and began to sell my patterns to catalogs and teach classes out of my home. I teased that I had to stop making the kids work so hard with me ...because of Child Labor Laws! :)
Still it seemed like all the kids have loved ART, probably because that is what they were first made to do...oops I mean first thing that they were exposed to! :) I have to admit, now that I see my son Bradley as a Graphic Design Artist,  I am feeling a little less guilty about all the work I had them do. He just recently was interviewed and I was amazed at how much art has effected his life for good. He is an amazing artist and so...maybe all that hard work that they did in their youth, really did pay off! ( Actually all the kids are quiet good artists ) If you want to read more about Brad's work you can, check it out just under this photo that he did of Seattle.
So long story short...sometimes we Moms luck out, and actually do the right thing!
Good night dear friends!

Read the interview with Bradley here:

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