Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mandie the III arrived today.

Today was pretty wet. We have been spoiled lately because the weather has been beautiful. Still even in the rain, I truly think this is the most beautiful place to live. I was excited to get up today ( despite the weather ) because I was going to go pick up Mandie III. For those of you who don't know about Mandie, that is the name for my prosthetic. I am not sure why I named it? Maybe because I got tired of spelling and saying the word prosthetic and decided to get a bit more personal with it, since we are going to be together EVERY DAY!
The company that I used to go to for my prostheses and fittings was in Marysville. I know that is quite a ways away, but I had heard good things about them. Since my first experience with Nordstrom wasn't good, I decided to try the new place out and I really love it ( other than how far away it was ). Still it was worth it to have someone knowledgeable and very compassionate. The only problem about the place in Marysville, is that they closed and so I started worrying where I was going to have to go next, not really knowing about other places, especially on the Eastside.
But when I went to my new PT Oncologist, she recommended Martin Medical Inc. in Bellevue. And am I ever glad she did. The lady who owns it is name Donna, and she was simply amazing to say the least. She was knowledgeable and very compassionate. I really enjoyed my experience there and encourage any of you... is in need of a place like this, to go and check out her website! I was impressed with my whole experience there! Their information is found here:

I also got a swimming prosthetic today. Now you are probably wondering why that is a big deal ? Well, for the last 3 years since my mastectomy, I haven't wanted to put on a bathing suit. How could I do that? I was so self conscience about my body. I just really felt like it was time, but I knew my regular Mandie wasn't  t made for swimming and the chlorine. So they make a special one just for that! It wasn't cheap but I thought if it helps me get some exercise in of some kind, that would be worth it. My biggest problem is what to name her? :)
Of course next I will have to look into a bathing suit that will have a pocket for my prosthetic and that won't be  cheap either, that bugs me how much all these things cost. And we have good insurance, my heart goes out to those who don't even have insurance.
I just feel grateful that I am getting more comfortable with my body. I realize that what you see...isn't who I am! Sometimes I have a problem with that, but today I took the first step in overcoming that and got the swim prosthetic. I wished it wouldn't have taken me 3 years to get to this point but... that is life. We all handle things and problems in different ways. I am grateful that at least I did arrive at this point and pray that I will have the courage to actually get in the pool soon.
Donna told me that I could use the prosthetic in with my regular bathing suit, but that it might fall out or move around if there isn't a pocket to hold it in. So I think I had better look for that next. Don't want to have to be asking the life guards to help me rescue Aqua Mandie ( don't really like that name but will have to use it for the time being )! I can see that being a headlines in the news! :)
Oh well, at least I am smiling and laughing about that now, there was a time when I didn't do that and never really thought I would. So I am making progress I guess, just Baby Steps!
Good night dear friends!

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.  ~John Diamond

My cancer scare changed my life.  I'm grateful for every new, healthy day I have. It has helped me prioritize my life.  ~Olivia Newton-John

 The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.  ~C.C. Scott


Jean(ie) said...

Mermaid Mandie!

Lynn said...

That's an idea! Thanks!