Monday, August 2, 2010

Married for Better, Not Worse

I am reading a great book about marriage right now. Actually I am rereading it. It is called  MARRIED FOR BETTER, NOT WORSE by Gary and Joy Lundberg  It talks about 14 secrets to a happy marriage. Some of them are just common sense but I think all of us who have been married for quite some time, realize that it is easy to get into ruts and forget to keep doing the little things in our marriage to keep it happy and thriving. Anyway, it is a good reminder for me to keep checking in on Jeff and my relationship, not to take it for granted. He is an amazing man, I have always said that Jeff has been my life saver! I need to remember to always treat him right!

One of the secrets for a happy marriage is ...HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!  Here is just a bit of their advice and then below is a joke that they had in there.

A wise man once said, " In all of living and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." Having a sense of humor can be a saving grace for a marriage. Like all things that are worthwhile, it takes a little effort, but it has a big payoff.

My wife claims that we're so busy, we hardly take time to actually look into each other's eyes, and so we now do that before bed. One night my wife suddenly said, " We forgot to look at each other."  Sleepily, I asked,  " Don't you think I know what you look like by now?"  "Okay," she said, "What do I look like? " "You're gorgeous, beautiful and sexy," I replied. "You looked," she said.   ~ Reader's Digest

" Remember that a successful marriage depends on two things: (1) finding the right person and (2) being the right person"  ~ Unknown

"You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without"  ~ Unknown

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