Monday, November 23, 2009


When I was in Indiana I met a man who after he retired took up the art of carving birds and painting. He said that he just started trying his hand at it because he now had a lot of time on his hands and when he went to a show once, he saw some birds that someone carved and he immediately wanted to take lessons. He also took painting classes. I was amazed as I looked around him and his wife's home that was adorned with all of his beautiful art work. He even took us in his workshop and showed us the blocks of wood the paint, the drawing...I could not believe how incredible his talent was. He also said to me " I never knew I had this talent in me".

So when I read this article by Boyd K. Packer, I immediately asked if I could have a few of the photos of the birds that he had carved, it went perfect for this post. Thanks Jack!  I hope you enjoy this article, I didn't copy the whole story but I love the message that it teaches.

A Broken Bird

 bird 1

Over the years, as a diversion, I have carved
wooden birds. Sometimes it would take a year to
complete one. I would get specimens and measure the
feathers and study the colors and then carve them. I
would carve a setting for them. It was very restful.
Sometimes when I would get unsettled, my wife would
say, “Why don’t you go carve a bird!” It was a very
calming thing in my life.

A friend and I were going into
town one day. I had one of the carvings. I was taking
it in to show someone. We had put it on the backseat.
At an intersection, he slammed on the brakes, and the
carving tipped upside down on the floor and broke to
pieces. He pulled over to the side and looked at it. He
was devastated. I was not.
Without thinking, I said, “Forget it. I made it. I can
fix it.” And I did. I made it stronger than it was. I
improved it a bit.

Now, who made you? Who is your Creator? There
is not anything about your life that gets bent or broken
that He cannot fix and will fix. You have to decide. If
some of you have made mistakes and you think you
are broken and cannot be put together, you do not 
understand Christ's mission . You do not know
what the Atonement was about and who the Lord is
and what a power He is in your life. 


I really thought this was a very hopeful message and something very important for all of us to remember. How grateful I am for the Savior in my life and for the opportunity to be able to change and be forgiven when that is needed. I  pray all of us will remember that we are all sons and daughter of God and have great potential.

Have a great night!

"And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world."

"Lay the burden at the feet of the Savior." ~ Richard G. Scott

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