Monday, June 29, 2009

How to keep our business growing?

Many of you know that since my cancer I have developed a line of gifts (with a dear friend of mine) that have helped me be more comfortable, heal or just make me feel better. They started out as just a way to survive my mastectomy and radiation side effects. Then one night I thought, why couldn't these gifts be available to other survivors. They must have some of the same hurdles that I am having in my healing process. Then of course as you know, I LOVE QUOTES...they inspire me, and so we decided to put an inspiration quote on each gift. With each process in my healing, I seemed to think of something else that I needed or could use that would make the process more comfortable.

One long and painful night, I realized that I was only thinking of Breast Cancer patients, because that is the fight I was battling. But what about other cancers (there are so many different ones out there), what about children that have to fight this terrible battle? What could we do to help ease their pain or at least take them to a place in their imaginations... that would help them be more brave? The ideas started really clicking, and I could hardly wait till morning to call my dear friend who was helping me with this dream.

I first started showing the gifts and selling them to the nurses and workers at the hospital. It was such a success that I decided to take them to the Gift Store, to see if they would start carrying them. They chose 6 out of 21 of our gifts and we were thrilled. Then with them being in the gift store we had a better chance of the cancer patients being able to get them. We had our BIG introduction of our products on June 4th at Evergreen Hospital. It went really well and we sold quite a bit. More important we were able to share our thoughts and hopes for the products and the patients that they could help. We were able to explain the name RECNAC to everyone and introduce our LOGO that my son designed. It was a neat experience and one that we hope will continue to grow.

My question to all of you is this.... Do any of you have any tips on beginning a business? Do any of you know how I find someone to help invest in a business?  I have very limited resources and energy, but I don't want to give up this dream. If you have the time or information, will you email me and let me know your suggestions? My email address is

I realize that I also need to do my homework know how far I want to go with this business. The hard part is my energy and remembering, to do the things that feed me good energy! When I think about the business part, papers, money that isn't the best energy! But when I think about the patient (survivor), the selling, the designing and making it available and affordable to everyone that is battling with this terrible disease of cancer then ...........that is GOOD (GREAT) ENERGY for me! But I don't do the sewing, which is how each gift gets made and I have to respect that my dear friend can only do so much. Yet,the business has been great for her and her family. That is where we are, a little bit in limbo but... remember I will take ANY IDEAS or SUGGESTIONS.

Thanks for your support, hopefully I will have photos for you soon on my web site, so you can actually see what I am talking about 

"Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy"  ~ Brian Tracy

"The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams."   ~Og Mandino



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