Wednesday, June 3, 2009


"Some pursue happiness, others create it." I found this quote tonight and realized that I am happy!  I do try to create it, every day in my home and my life. I do feel blessed, because many people are still trying to find happiness.

I am trying to find BALANCE right now! I knew the past few days would be crazy getting ready for this show at the Hospital tomorrow. I hope that word gets around about the RECNAC GIFTS and that they will be available to more cancer patients. I need to head to bed, it is late and I haven't stopped all day. You are probably thinking ...that I should go back and read one of my own posts on BALANCE! You are absolutely right, I will do that and then go to bed. :)

Wish us luck tomorrow. I am sorry that Cancer has touched so many lives... but hopefully through our gifts, they will be inspired, given hope, comforted and know that they are thought of and loved! That would make me Happy!

Good night dear friends!

P.S. This is one of my friend's baby girl...isn't she the cutest? And look how happy she is, she most definitely has to be one of those creators of happiness!

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Cheryl said...

I love reading your blog, just wish I had more time to pour over your posts because they help give me a better perspective. I love that you used a picture of Emily for your post. She really is my daily dose of happiness - and when she's asleep, if I can just see past all his naughtiness, is Luke! Aren't children truly, an heritage of the Lord!