Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our responsibility

I went by to visit a dear friend today and it was such a treat just seeing her. She has not had the perfect life, but yet she makes an incredible difference in those around her. She would definitely have every right to feel sorry for herself and how her life turns out but instead...she makes a difference. I do believe that is part of our test here in life, our responsibility is to learn from our experiences and trials and then make something positive from something so negative. I know from personal experience that it isn't as easy as it sounds. Some times it is down right hard but each time I do... I feel better, I feel happier and more peaceful about my life and the circumstances that have happened.

So tonight in honor of my angel friend who has touched my life and the lives of many others by her kind heart, sweet smile and willingness to find the good in every situation, I include this poem and some quotes. Thanks so much for each of you. Many of you have inspired my life in the same way as this dear friend. Thanks for your faith, courage and example! Night!

Authors B.J. Gallagher and Steve Ventura wrote the book  Who Are "They" Anyway?

They said that the most important words of personal responsibility are as follows...

The 10 most important words:
I won't wait for others to take the first step.
The 9 most important words:
If it is to be, it's up to me.
The 8 most important words:
If not me, who? If not now, when?
The 7 most important words:
Let me take a shot at it.
The 6 most important words:
I will not pass the buck.
The 5 most important words:
You can count on me.
The 4 most important words:
It IS my job!
The 3 most important words:
Just do it!
The 2 most important words:
I will.
The most important word:

"Your future depends on many things, but mostly yourself"


girlfriends.jpg girlfriends image by twice_blessed


"It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference"    ~ Tom Brokaw

"We all have ability. The difference is how we use it."    ~ Stevie Wonder


"You can't fix every problem, but what you can fix, you must."    ~ Bono

"We cannot change the past, but we can change our attitude toward it.
Uproot guilt and plant forgiveness.
Tear out arrogance and seed humility.
Exchange love for hate ---
thereby, making the present comfortable and the future promising."     ~Maya Angelou

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