Monday, April 6, 2009

Choices !

I was studying an article today about choices, now this is one that I have to daily work on. I do believe the saying that goes like this...


I also think that our daily choices determine our quality of life. I am a worrier from way back, but for the last 10 or so years ,I have tried to change that habit. I realize that many of the things I worried about were beyond my control. Worrying is bad energy and that isn't healthy for any one's body, especially those who are trying to fight cancer.  My grandmother used to say that ..."WORRY IS LIKE A ROCKING CHAIR, YOU CAN WORRY AND WORRY ALL YOU WANT, BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU WILL STILL BE IN THE SAME PLACE". WORRYING DOESN'T GET YOU ANY WHERE"   ___ Grandma Johnny

I need to remember to choose to be happy, to be forgiving, to be less judgmental, and on and on. We all make choices every day, some effect others,some don't but...each day we keep making choices. I have tried today to choose to stay in a healthy place, although I am worried about something it is not anything I can control. I can on the other hand control how I let it effect me. I have been so much better on this area of my life, but some times like the past few days, I let it eat at me and I have got to learn to stop that. I need to stay healthy and being able to recognize that I have the power, in my mind... to stay in that space. It is  important and vital for me. It is amazing to me how one minute things can seem so good and then in just another moment, something changes and things aren't so good any more. Life is tough, I guess each day I just need to remember how to and stay in the moment and not in the past or... too far in the future. I am really trying to learn this principle, it does not come natural for me.

Lucky for me, I have in many places in my house motivational cards that Lauren has made for me. I look and read them every day, and they remind me to get up, do my best, be honest and choose to be happy, in other words make good choices.

I need to head to bed, thanks again for your continued calls, and emails and cards. What a bright spot in my day they are.  I will show  you a few of the photos that Lauren made our motivational cards out of. (there are 12 of them).





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Julie N. said...

The cards are just beautiful!