Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Thinkery!

Today we took Kai to the THINKERY today.
It is a Children's Museum and Brad did a poster for one of their Grand Opening, you can see it 
It was fun to see his posters for sale in the Gift Shop. 
Kai loved all the areas and had to show me each one. (although I know there were a ton of places that we never made it to! ) His favorite place is the Water Works area... he could stay there forever.

 They had a Farmer's Market area, he shopped and cooked for us...totally Organic of course! :)

The Lights Area was neat. Have you ever seen such a big Light Bright. Every kid should have one of these. I could have stayed there forever. 

Then he wanted to show me the Shadow camera room. 

 Here we are doing Thumbs Up together!

Then the Microscopes were so cool.  They had all kinds of things in there for them to look at ...Material, buttons, rocks, sticks and etc.

What a fun place and what a fun time with Krystal and my boy! I love that I am getting to have so much One on One time with him. I feel very blessed!
For Valentine's Day I sent Brad a Pineapple Slicer. Tonight was his first time to try it!

I don't think he really believed it would work! He was pleasantly surprised. When Brad was on his mission in the Phillipines, he learned how to cut pinapples, but we always teased him because he made such a mess. This way was less messy and way faster...but maybe not quite as fun!
Tonight they wanted to take me to Z tejas for dinner. It was amazing mexican food! 
Then we headed for the book store called The Book People, so he could show me their book Tatay's Gift, it sells there. But we couldn't find it, they had sold out...he was excited, now they can order more. It is so neat to know that they have their first book published. Fun bookstore! What a fun day!
Only a couple more days left! :(
Kai was trying on all the dress up stuff, here he is as a serious Firefighter...too cute!

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