Sunday, February 22, 2015

QuiltCon Day 3

Today ( actually Friday or I should say yesterday ) was Day 3 of QuiltCon, it was probably the most crowded of all the days so far. Of course it was even better, because Kai came with his Mom to come pick me up. He was so fun. It's so great to have some fun times with this sweet boy of mine.
I think that the sales were up ...because Kai and I showed the people that even kids could use  Ellen's Quilting Disks with ease! :)
 Then Kai and I tried to see if we could take some funny photos while his Mom was in the bathroom.

 Here is proof...he is a boy...through and through! :)

But this really was a great experience! I loved meeting these great ladies, spending time around so many women who have the same love of Quilting as I do. Loved to see all the new and improved  accessories and gadgets out there, to help you in your quilting projects. What a great trip!

 Good People...and the opposite is true. Bad people will bring out in the bad in you. Surround yourself with the good and rid yourself of the bad.

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