Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Road trip!

Yesterday was our last day together before Jeff had to leave. We decided to go to Fredricksburg today
. It is a little German town about an hour away. There was a storm front that came through and so we all had to bundle up, there was a ton of ice, you can even see it on the cars. It was fun but there were a ton of stores closed because of the cold and ice. As we were walking around it was freezing...in the low 20's. So glad we brought our coats! Still had to borrow scarves and gloves!
Texas Mistletoe...too funny!
They have been here a couple of times before, so they knew a couple of shops that they wanted to take us to. The fudge and candy shop was one of them. They had quite the selection and even some old fashion candy that I remember from my childhood. Then they had some really unique candy like below... chocolate covered bacon, peppers and pickles. Krystal said even though she is pregnant, non of that sounded good to her!

Lunch was wonderful and Jeff got to have his favorite  Rueben sandwich! He said it was great! Then we went to a general store where they had tons of sauces, jellies, butters and almost everything you could have wanted to sample. That was fun. I loved the plaque that they had hanging up about 5 Deadly Terms used by Women. I have to say... most of it was true! :) At least Jeff thought so! We found a fun toy store where Kai and Seth got to practice all their musical skills!

Then Brad and I headed to the airport to drop off Jeff. So glad we got to have at least 5 days together. But I have to admit...I miss him already! I will be home next Saturday. Need to have some more time with by Kai boy! And Krystal and I even have a coupe of Quilt Shops we are going to check out. We wish we knew what the baby is going to be so we could start shopping now, but we only have 2 more weeks till we find out! Can't wait!

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