Thursday, February 19, 2015

QuiltCon Day 1

Today I got up early to go to QuiltCon at the Convention Center here in Austin. I am working like I said in my girlfriend's booth and so for a few hours, I just did a demo for the Quilting Disks...sure wish that I would have practiced way more especially since everyone came by and was watching me. I did a lot of hearts, flowers and butterflies...still some of the ladies that didn't free motion much themselves, thought I was doing great. I told them to come back and see me on Saturday and I should be doing much better:)
Then Krystal came and picked me up and we had lunch at a French Bakery, it was neat and the crepes that we had were great. Fun to be with Krystal again! Love that girl! We stopped at the Michael Miller Booth and they had cards for you to write on and explain what you love about sewing, then they took a polaroid photo of you and pinned them up on a board. So this is a photo of a photo!
Krystal laughs at me because I am REALLY NOT INTO TATTOOS...but they had temporary sewing tattoos today, so ....I broke down and got this one...

Isn't that too funny?
They had a done of cute and fun Temporary Tattoo Booths but then then that had real Tattoo Booth and they were so crowded...the temporary one is all I could do, but we had fun photo opportunities at least!

I loved this booth by Windham. Loved how how they displayed quilt blocks. That is a great idea, especially if you liked to doodle!
I have to admit that being back in this Fair. I love all the Venders, I loved being one of the Venders and meeting all the new people there, especially people who love and enjoy some of the same things you do. I think I was born to sale, when I love something... I truly love to share it with others!

I am a lot like Superman....he gets his energy from the Sun and I get mine from PEOPLE!
So I got a lot of great energy today! Need to head to bed so I can get some more tomorrow!
Good Night dear friends!

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