Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heart Moments

I am soooo sorry that it has been so long since I have written. I usually don't miss a day and now I have missed about 4 in a row. I am not sick so that isn't my excuse, but I have just been super busy. I have worked all week getting ready for a new class I am teaching at the Quilt Shop. The Birthday Club started today, and it will go on until June on the 2nd Sat of the Month from 10:00 till Noon! We had a huge crowd today, it was really fun. I am soooo blessed to be among sooo many amazing women. Thanks to all of you that came today, you totally made my day!

I have had a lot of Heart Moments this week and so I will try to just share a few with you, since it is Valentine's Day and all!
Loved watching the my granddaughters look at photo books of Jeff and I were young. They didn't know Nana and Poppa when we were that young.
It was cute watching them giggle about some of our photos! Sisters do that alot...giggle!

Since Friday was so beautiful, they wanted to have lunch on the deck. Fun watching them eat and then do bird calls to all the birds they kept hearing.

Sleep Over Breakfast!

Then after we cleaned up breakfast, they wanted to decorate the table for our Valentine's Dinner with Popp.

These girls love their Poppa! Plus we even had name cards on the table...made by Miss Jenny!

The girls love to crochet with their fingers but I am trying to get them use to a hook. Today was Jenny's first day trying the hook, she made her bracelet with a bit of help from me. She was pretty proud of that and her necklace she made all by herself (finger crocheting ). 
Then Angie tried the hook again, had a bit of an attitude at first...then she got the knack of it and boom...her necklace was done so fast! She was so excited! I hope she keeps practicing, once you get the hook down, the sky is the limit with your creating!

Here is an upclose of Angie's necklace, she was so proud and she even added beads!

Another sweet Heart Moment was getting to talk to our Grandson Kai on FaceTime and see how much he loved the Valentine Holder I  made him. Missing this sweet face!
The next Heart Moment... happened at lunch actually! I was standing in line to pick up lunch for Jeff and I ( since I just got off of work ). And I started talking to the 3 lovely ladies who were in front of me.  ( I know what you are thinking, why do you talk to people while you are standing in line? ) Well, you never know when you will make a new friend, and I hit the Jack Pot, I made 3 new friends.

We got to talking and they offered to pay for my lunch, I felt very awkward, that isn't the reason that I spoke to them at all and definitely didn't want to have them think that. But then I realized they were looking for someone to Bless today. We sat and talked, and then they shared with me the Love of the Savior that they had. They truly were Christlike in their attitudes and spirit today. Not because they bought my lunch, but because they truly cared and just were doing the Right Thing at the Right Time...just as the Savior did.
I hugged my new friends goodbye and left with a sweet and Grateful heart, that I got to meet these great ladies. I don't believe that there are accidents in life. I think people come and go in our lives for a reason. The reason for me today ...was to be reminded of all the good people that all out there in the world...making a BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENCE! So a big Thank You for my new Angel friends!
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Last Heart Moment... was after work and resting some, then Jeff and I got to go on our Date Night. 33 years later and I am still excited to go on Date Nights with my Best Friend!
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Happy Valentine's Day to you all dear friend!
Good Night!

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