Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Missing my boys!

Our son and his family live in Texas and that makes it very hard for (me ) Nana to spoil our grandson Kai! Here is a recent photo of him and his Dadday ( our son Bradley ) getting ready to go to church. Just didn't seem that long ago that I was getting Brad all dressed and ready with his sister Amy to go to church one Sunday! Brad was probably just a few months older than Kai is in this picture. 
I can hear Brad making fun of the way I dressed him back then. Ok, I put suspenders on him to keep his shirt tail from coming out, not because he needed his pants pulled up any higher ! :)  I also painted a sun on a wooden button and put it on his shirt with a pin, because he was moving up in church from the nursery to becoming a Sunbeam (that was his Primary class name ). You can tell money was tight back then, by the size of the hem in his pants. Just tried to get the most use out of them as I could and changing a hem longer every now and then was much better than trying to buy another pair of pants! I still think he looks adorable just like his son Kai!

I love Valentines Day and always have. I loved making Valentine gifts for our kids, Jeff and family and friends. Now I have just added another level of Valentine Recievers...my Grandkids!
Wanted to finish my Valentine Holder for Kai and get it in the mail! 

I also love mail...well at least sending it! Jeff said that the Post Office would always be in business because of me! So true!
Hope you are glad that it is February and that you will take the time to remind those around you, how much they mean to you! 

 "LOVE" Cookies ♥♥♥  coLove doesn't make the world go round...

  If I could I would make a sweet Valentine for each of you, to let you know how much I love and appreciate you in my life!
Good Night dear friends!

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