Monday, October 6, 2014

What a fun weekend!

Obviously, it has been a crazy weekend... because I didn't write my blog the whole time. Friday morning I was getting my projects for work and was able to do some face time with my favorite boy! 

I miss him soooo much! Then I went to work and got to teach Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas...  it was a neck and shoulder rice bags! It was a hit. Really who couldn't use something like this to help with your sore muscles in your shoulders and back...I know I could! 
It was a beautiful day and there were a ton of ladies there... did I mention how much I love my job? Actually, I do love to teach but really love the ladies who I get to spend time with, when I teach. They have become dear friends to me. 
Then after work, I did some errands and got home in time for Amy and John to drop off the girls so that they could go on an early Date at the movies. Jeff came home early to help me with the girls. Audrey is getting funnier every day. Here she is in our bedroom, Poppa was putting up new blinds in our window and she and her baby were watching while she played in the box that the blinds came out of. She is also excited about her new Halloween socks I got her. 

Right after dinner we headed to church for the Fall Carnival, the girls had a great time. It was non stop action!

Angie and Jenny were pretty good at the Donut on a String Game!

Audrey saw it and just went up and grabbed the donut and starting eating it. She was wondering why no ones were using their hands! :)
 Then there was face painting and ballon tying...since I can't stand the sound of sqeaking balloons, I had to let Poppa take them over to that station. The worst was having all those balloons in the car. My shoulders were so tight when I got home, I should have used my new rice bag!


Many of the prizes were candy, I wasn't sure how much they should eat this late at night so I just held all of it in my purse and told them maybe they could eat it tomorrow. They were pretty good sports about it. On the way home, we let them stop by Menchies and get some Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt. They even had magic cups that were plain until the yogurt went in and then all kinds of Halloween designs appeared...pretty cool.

Then we came home and the older girls had a sleep over. They were so excited that I had all my Halloween stuff up. It started from the entrance with our little Halloween mice!

Here is my new Fall wreath on my window, so fun!

The entrance table, the checker board table.
 My block shelf!

 Our mantle!

My quilt and pillow on my chair!
The red hutch, behind the love seat! 

My spider web table topper!

My kitchen decorations!

Then on Saturday we got up and watch General Conference on TV. How grateful I am to be able to watch that in our own home.
Later that day we took the girls home and then Amy and I went to the store and got a few things, ok...Audery didn't quite understand that we were getting only a few things...she emptied the whole display in her cart. I won't even tell you what she did, when her Mom put it all back! Let's just say that we knew it was time for her to head to bed.

Jeff and John finished up watching a Football game as we got the girls ready for bed. What a fun weekend this was. It was of course topped off by being able to watch Conference again today. So many things to be grateful for. I am blessed!
Good night dear friends! 

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