Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Night!

Tonight Jeff and I went to see the movie called "MEET THE MORMONS" Now you may wonder why I am going to a movie, about what I believe but it is great because I am proud to say... that it really was a wonderful way for anyone to see and understand what we believe. It even addressed all the misconceptions about our beliefs, and I think that could be really helpful to teach people.
So I would suggest anyone who ever had any questions about what I believe, that you should go to this movie. You can watch the previews HERE:

I would invite you to go see it, so that you could at least understand what Mormons really believe.

I believe that the Lord expects all of us to treat each other with respect. I think he expects us to teach our children and our grand children to not to exclude anyone... because of religious, political or cultural differences. I am grateful to be a Mormon, grateful for my beliefs, they are what makes me who I am. My beliefs are what gives me HOPE and a HAPPINESS... that is everything to me. I hope you find the time to go see it.

Good night dear friends!

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