Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Don't forget to smile!

I read this quote and thought how true it is. Let's face it, some days it is just hard to smile. Especially if you let all the negative things you've experienced lately, become the main thing you think about. Pretty soon, it becomes a burden and a heartache and ... you are no longer smiling.
But I know from personal experience, if we stop thinking as much about those things, and think about all the people and blessings in our is hard not to smile. The truth is most of us have a lot to smile about if we think of it. And when we realize that if we are sad and carrying big burdens around then we are no longer smiling and chances are ... we really aren't changing the world for that day. This was a great lesson for me.
I had a dear friend come and visit, that I haven't seen in a couple of years. It was if we had never been apart. I realized then, how blessed I am to have soooo many dear, dear friends.
 I need to remember them and all my blessings and bring that smile back onto my face and keep going!
Smile always
Good night dear friends!

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