Monday, December 10, 2012

You have my heart for Christmas!

Big snow storm hit last night, it was beautiful to wake up to this morning. Not to mention that they had stero surround sound put throughout the whole house. Waking up to that Christmas music in the air was great. Jeff told me we can have that in our house too, if I was willing to carry around my radio where ever I go. He is too funny!
Shirley and basically shopped most of the day for a Christmas Party they are having tonight. The roads were bad but she got a new car and seemed to have a lot of confidence...maybe too much. There is a road close to her home called SUICIDE hill, and there is a good reason they call it that. She almost took us down there, until she saw a car going backwards as they were trying to come up the hill. I convinced her to be daring and adventuresome ( after I left ).
Below is  a link to a sweet Christmas story on line. It is only 2 minutes and so worth it!
P.S. Go get the tissues first!

Good night dear friends!

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